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We all know that competitive sports coaches enable extraordinary levels of performance – it is no different in business. Organisations that invest in professional coaching for their top talent can expect superior results.

In every coaching relationship, the challenges and the conditions are unique.

Perhaps a new CEO has been hired and the board wants to support his or her integration and achievement? Or an exciting strategic shift dictates cultural and organizational change? Or, as a senior leader, you recognise that something you or your team are doing isn’t quite right, but you are not exactly sure what it is. May be there are broken promises to shareholders and restructuring is on the horizon or in the rear view mirror?

Whatever the reason you recognise the need for someone independent on your side, someone that can encourage and reflect your thinking, help you reach and act on your inner strength.

Embarking on a coaching journey with a professional coach, you step into a realm of self discovery and reflection that opens up new perspectives.

The relationship is built on common trust. Confidentiality is as crucial as honesty and openness on both sides. All our coaching practitioners are internationally qualified and have personal experience of leading organisations. This ensures a shared insight into your challenge. A coach from Owen Partners can truly see the world through your eyes.

Before commencing a coaching engagement we will spend significant time, getting to know each other and selecting the right coach for you.

Together, we will set coaching goals and share a clear roadmap tailored to your needs.

Our objective? Simply for you to become the best leader you can be. Your clarity of thought, growing confidence and mastering of your own destiny are our measures of success.

“Frank knows how to establish a coaching relationship built on trust and active listening. The perfect guide in a career change situation.” – Marianne Kopf, Eywa Consulting, France & Australia