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Owen Partners is inspired by my own personal journey of growth and change. 

After 14 enjoyable years leading, scaling and transforming technology businesses in New Zealand and the US I relocated to Europe and began Owen Partners.

Making the decision to hand over the leadership of people and companies one has so heavily invested in is hard. But it allowed a new chapter to begin: working with you to achieve your goals, and sharing my learning and experience. 

 My reward? Your success and being the best that you can be! Let’s have a conversation!



Assignments are based upon my deep experience in transforming business performance through the eyes of the customer.


I believe that to instil enduring cultural change around agility, innovation and service, the customer experience must be brought to life throughout the organisation.


Not only exposing leadership and staff to the customer’s business but immersing them in their experience. Gaining empathy and unleashing that discretionary commitment which distinguishes truly great companies.



My advisory service is grounded on having led strategic and organizational renewal as a CEO and executive director.


Acting in independent and supervisory governance roles I specialize in gaining clarity on how innovation, technology and customer-centricity impact company strategy and performance.


The working approach is both creative and pragmatic and always results oriented.



Successful coaching depends upon complete trust and is a profoundly personal relationship.


Before agreeing to a coaching engagement I invest time in getting to know you, seeking to understand your motives and goals.


You will have the opportunity to meet one or more of an extensive network of senior coaches with various backgrounds and styles and, if there is a fit, begin what is often a lifelong relationship


The place you come from is an essential part of who you are, forming your beliefs and influencing what you value. I have been fortunate to live and work in many countries and although born in England I emigrated and became a New Zealand citizen,  considering myself a “Kiwi”.


New Zealand is a land of contrasts, both beautiful and fierce, a country with a strong identity where openness and trust, the community and self reliance, are at the core of relationships.


Take a look at this short video for a hint of the unique Kiwi spirit.

I would like to thank NZ Story for the quality of the images they make available for us, New Zealanders, to further stretch our country’s reach overseas. Photos credits: David Straight, Chris Sisarich, Chris Williams, Darryl Ward, Sara Orme, and Ballochdale Estate, Aware Valley, Marlborough, Marianne Kopf, Eywa.