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Boards and their directors can find themselves running hard to stand still. Has your board’s critical questioning competence become increasingly focused on internal governance rather than market and technology strategy?


The risk is you will have little visibility on what is really happening in the customers’ world before experiencing dramatic reductions in customer retention, revenues and profits. Worse still your board will have no clear idea why?


Circumstances change far quicker than ever before and companies have very little time to understand their changing world and react. Growth opportunities may be missed, or more concerning, risks may be recognized when it is too late to mitigate the disaster.


Boards and directors have a whole new paradigm to master.


A digital director is not just a senior executive with technical experience and networks within a company’s industry. Rather they are someone who applies their business and technology acumen to envision, empathize and critically evaluate a future course of action that other board members cannot see or judge.


The biggest gifts such a director brings to the board table are, the ability to question, relate and contribute to the executive’s most innovative technology and market work.


And to make visible and tangible to the board the implications of innovations such as data analytics, machine learning, customer experience measurement and cybersecurity.


If your latest board review shows a need for a digital qualified skillset then get in touch.